We invite you to come “home” to the Island of Hawaii and Kona Tiki Condo, feel free to leave your mainland cares behind. Your Kona Tiki Condo will be your home base for exploring and enjoying all the magical wonders the Big Island has to offer. This amazing land of rainforests and deserts, roaring waterfalls, fire breathing mountains along side snow capped peaks perched high above warm tropical seas. This island home to famed and mythical GODS and venerated warrior KINGS is steeped in history, mystery and intrigue. Come explore for yourself the raw exciting mysteries as the great explorers have done all easily within your reach of your island paradise home.
Today the warriors and gods of yesterday are quiet, but the pounding drums of the Polynesian spirit lives on in this fascinating land. The rhythms of the ocean are whispering to you to come join us , join us in your own personal Hawaiian adventure- Hawaii Calls.
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